Grab some tissues and watch Wenyen Gabriel’s story

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

You saw glimpses of Wenyen’s story in the first “Inside the Madness” episode if you watched it on Facebook. Now ESPN’s Laura Rutledge shows more on the story of how he made it out.

Watch it here.

Wenyen’s life has been a difficult one and never was anything handed to him.

Before he committed to Kentucky, Gabriel was a South Sudanese refugee with his family fighting to get out of war. They finally escaped and made it to New Hampshire. Wenyen’s sister had passed away but he was named because of her, “Wenyen means wipe away the tears.”

He lost one of the most important people to him, Bol who was his cousin that passed away. His legacy, however lives on in Wenyen as he takes the court each day in his jersey number 32.

“Bol is not dead now.  He’s alive, because of Wenyen.”

Grab some tissues. We’re glad to have him as a Wildcat.

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