Rick Pitino being rumored with a SEC School

(image courtesy of Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Just when you though the Rick Pitino situation couldn’t get any better for BBN, it has. Jay Williams of ESPN sent out a tweet saying that he’s heard Rick Pitino’s name a lot surrounding the Georgia job. If you haven’t heard already, Mark Fox was fired after their exit in the SEC tournament. Pitino has said that he wishes to continue coaching so this would make sense. Here’s three benefits the BBN would get if Pitino ended up in Athens:

We’d play him up to three times a year

Playing Rick once was always pure entertainment for BBN. Could you imagine playing him up to three times every year? It seems like every time Cal and Rick face off, something memorable always happens. I know we’ll never forget Rick’s “salute” to Rupp Arena in 2015.

We’d have a real SEC rival

Do we really have a rival in the SEC that all BBN dislikes with a real passion? Some may say Florida and Tennessee which I get. If Rick was in Athens, that would become a rival that all of BBN would dislike with a passion!

It’s Rick Pitino

At the end of the day, making fun of Rick is a blast. You all know he would give some laughable phrases that we could make fun of for years on end. Let’s be honest, not having Rick at Louisville has made the rivalry a little less intense. Keeping Rick in our lives is something we’d all be fine with.

With all of this said, it’s just rumors. Rick very well may notice that it would be a bad idea for him to come back into coaching. Jay Williams also mentioned in his tweet that he was hearing the info from very trusted sources. The tweet does not showcase if Rick himself has any interest but if he did, oh boy. Here’s Jay Williams tweet for reference:

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