Selection Sunday: Thoughts of What’s to Come, Kentucky Draws Tough Bracket, No Suprise

Credit: Jim Brown/ USA Today Sports

So, what did everyone think of Selection Sunday this year? My thought on it is,…..b$^&%*$t, yes that is equal to a bleep out. It was horrible, who in the committee thought this up? Seeding is suspect, and that is being nice. I just don’t see how it made sense to anyone. (None). Teams getting in that shouldn’t have, (Oklahoma). Teams not getting in, that should’ve, (Oklahoma State). And of course Kentucky draws the hardest bracket, but hey, it makes for great viewing pleasure, right. (YES, THAT IS SARCASM).

Cal speaks on it:

Credit: Cats

So SEC champs (Kentucky) are headed to Idaho to take on Atlantic 10 champs (Davidson) in first round action, that is about 1,950 miles away from Kentucky. Guess the committee wants BBN to travel, (Blue Gets In) wherever we have to go, we will be there.

Wenyen speaks on it:


I wil not underestimate any team in this tournament, it’s been a very crazy year, I do know our Kentucky Wildcats have a very tough bracket, and if these seeds hold, Kentucky will have to beat Arizona, Virginia, and Cincinnati to reach Final Four. I have faith in these young Cats though and anything is possible, but I think it is a very hard road, it will make it even sweeter to win it all!! (None of the Selection Sunday analyst have Kentucky going very far).

I agree Paul, let’s play Davidson first, let all the other teams play their first round games, then we will go from there. One game at a time!

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