Devin Booker may have had a three point gesture at Kentucky but he has a much bigger one in the NBA

Photo Credit: Big Blue Express(@bigblueexpress)

Players come up with gestures to do during games year in and year out. John Wall had the dance, Doron Lamb had the 3-goggle, Jamal Murray had the bow and arrow, and Devin Booker had the reload sign all while at Kentucky. Two of those guys have carried theirs to the NBA level in Booker and Murray but one has came up with a new one.

Michael Chow (azcentral sports)

You all saw Devin Booker do the “reload” symbol everytime he hit a three pointer at Kentucky and if you’ve watched, it carried over to the NBA. However, Booker had something else in mind that carries much more meaning for him. Every game before he takes the court for the Phoenix Suns, he’ll tap his chest with his right hand, bring his hand to his lips as if he’s blowing a kiss and points straight up in the air.

No one until recently had bothered to ask him why or what it stood for, but now we all know. His mother and older brother were basically the only ones that knew previously.

Devin Booker chose to honor two “angels” up in heaven before he plays the game he loves. His grandmother(Jannice) who passed away when he was only three, and a family friend named Lil Mike who held a pivotal role in his life.

“I know if they were still around they’d love to be here,” Booker said. “They’d be a part of everything that was going on”

He doesn’t remember much about his grandmother but knows he spent many days at her house.

Lil Mike was Melvin Booker’s best friend(Devin’s dad) in which he got to know really well when he moved to live with his father.

Melvin Booker said Lil Mike was Booker’s biggest fan. “My friends and I talk all the time about how Mike would be with the success Devin is having,” Melvin said. “He would let the whole world know.”

While at Kentucky, Booker also honored them by writing their names on the inside of his shoes. This tradition Booker has created seems far from ever being stopped.

“That’s who I do it for,” Booker said.

“They would have loved to come to the games and enjoyed the experience. They’re like my angels watching over me.”

[To read the full article and interview click here.]



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