Time to get to know the Buffalo Bulls

The Stage was set in Boise, Idaho for a big time second round clash between two of the blue bloods of College Basketball. But not so fast my friends, The Buffalo Bulls crashed the party in Boise and sent the 4 seed Arizona Wildcats and their star studded freshman Deandre Ayton back to the desert. The Buffalo Bulls just bull rushed the Wildcats of Arizona in 2nd half and went on to win the game 89-68.

Let’s get to know the 27-8 Buffalo Bulls

The Bulls played non conference games against some top notch competition. Let’s look at how they fared.

Texas A&M defeated Buffalo 89-73

Cincinnati defeated Buffalo 73-67

Syracuse defeated Buffalo 81-74

Buffalo plays a style very similar to Auburn- very versatile guards and bigs who play downhill and will bring it right at the Cats with no fear, but they lack some size in the post which will benefit the CATS!!

Their point guard is a former Mizzou Tiger and he goes by the name of  Wes Clark. Clark averages 14 pts and 5 assists

Player to watch for them is 6-8 big man Nick Perkins who comes off the bench. He is a big time scorer and x factor guy for the Bulls who is very versatile big man and could create some mismatch problems for the bigs of Kentucky, he gave the Arizona big men fits.

Don’t let that 13 seed beside their name fool ya. They came out and just flat out beat up on the Pac 12 Champs Arizona. They looked like the team from the power conference on day 1 of the NCAA Tourney. This team is tough and very versatile on both sides of the ball.

Other Key Players for Buffalo:

CJ Massinburg- 16 ppg 7 rpg 2.5 apg

Jeremy Harris 15 ppg 5 rpg 2 apg

GAME TIME Saturday 5:15 ET on CBS!!


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