Wildcats Having Fun….After All, That Is What It’s All About! Who’s Pose Do you Like?

Credit: Austin American-Statesman.com

These Kentucky Wildcats are having some fun. We fans have gotten to know their body language over the course of the basketball season. We like what we are seeing now.

Credit: CourierJournal

The stares and flexing by Pj Washington (the mean mug), the poses and flexing by Diallo after a windmill dunk (Yeah, I just did that).

The lastest, Alexander hushing the crowd look (shhhhhhh). They are all smiles…with their own identities with their roles of play. Wenyen’s airplane flying back down the court after hitting a 3. You gotta love seeing these kids having fun, especially this time of year!!

Credit: Houston Chronicle
Credit: Austin360.com

I love seeing any of these Wildcats making those great plays and getting their shine on with their personalities. Please never stop!

So what does BBN think? Who’s pose do you like? Who gets you hyped up? I love all of them….but Pj Washington’s hulk pose is my favorite!!


Its all about having fun!!! #BBN4LIFE #familia

So, who does your favorite pose? What do you like seeing?


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