ESPN ranks the remaining teams


It is no secret that this has been a extremely wild tournament and that is putting it nicely.

What once started as doomsday for most Kentucky fans has managed to turn into something of a miracle, or a parting of the sea image to the National Championship for this very young freshman ladened team. So, lets get to the rankings:

  1. Villanova Wildcats (Reseed: No. 1; previous seed: 1)
  2. Duke Blue Devils (Reseed: No. 1; previous seed: 2)
  3. Clemson Tigers (Reseed: No. 1; previous seed: 5)
  4. West Virginia Mountaineers (Reseed: 1; previous seed: 5)
  5. Kentucky Wildcats (Reseed: No. 2; previous seed: 5)
  6. Nevada Wolf Pack (Reseed: No. 2; previous seed: 7)
  7. Texas A&M Aggies (Reseed: No. 2; previous seed: 7)
  8. Texas Tech Red Raiders (Reseed: No. 2; previous seed: 3)
  9. Purdue Boilermakers (Reseed: No. 3; previous seed: 2)
  10. Kansas Jayhawks (Reseed: No. 3; previous seed: 1)
  11. Syracuse Orange (Reseed: No. 3; previous seed: 11)
  12. Gonzaga Bulldogs (Reseed: No. 3; previous seed: 4)
  13. Florida State Seminoles (Reseed: No. 4; previous seed: 9) 
  14. Loyola Chicago Ramblers (Reseed: No. 4; previous seed: 11) 
  15. Michigan Wolverines (Reseed: No. 4; previous seed: 3)
  16. Kansas State Wildcats (Reseed: No. 4; previous seed: 9) 

These seeds of course are not official and will not change anything, but serve merely as an update for fans to see where everyone stands. Based on these standings, we will have to play the 16th ranked team, the 14th ranked team or the 6th ranked team in order to get to the Final Four. I can’t see into the future, but I will say this, if you are wanting to spend the money, you might want to go ahead and reserve a hotel room for San Antonio, but thats just a prediction. This is why we love March Madness! In the meantime enjoy this artwork done by an unknown artist that shows the parting of the sea known as the south region:


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