Nick Richards: Maybe A Haircut Is All He Needs! A Haircut Is Always A Good Thing, Right?

A haircut, or hair style change has been known to help a Kentucky basketball player boost their game to the next level, or help them play with alot more confidence it seems, and has been done time or two.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, pre- haircut is a great player, no one is saying that he wasn’t, but the game after he cut his hair, well he has been really, really good since!

The game Shai cut his hair was against Louisville, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander went bonkers that game posting: 24 points and MVP honors, and has never looked back.(orders from mom on the haircut) Thank you Shai’s mother, love BBN.

Credit: UK Athletics
Credit: Kentucky.

Remember when De’Aaron Fox put his hair up in a man bun? Yeah, the new doo wasn’t working, he let the hair back down and continued doing De’Aaron Fox type stuff!

Credit: YouTube
Credit: A Royal Pain

Jared Vanderbilt got a new cut, I know he is gonna be special in the NCAA tourney when he returns from injury, which will be really soon. ( Sweet 16?)

Credit: YouTube
Credit: CourierJournal

So Nick, maybe a good haircut will do you some good, boost your confidence? I know a good haircut always makes me feel great! One thing I know is we need Nick Richards producing. We need some good minutes from the big man in order to hang #9. I believe Nick Richards will give it his all and play hard, and maybe a haircut is all he needs. I’m sticking with Nick!!……. And Nick you wanna look good when you post that double/double.

Credit: SEC Country

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