Kentucky Spring practice notes

Another day of spring practice is in the books today for the Kentucky Wildcats. Today was also a defensive day so there will be a lot to go over so bear with me!

Coach Matt House had a lot of good to say about Tymere Dubose, saying that he is going to be able to do a lot in the upcoming season and that he’s matured quite a bit as well and that one month of preparation for the bowl game definitely helped with that. House also said that the competition on the Defensive Line is bringing out the best in everyone and that Calvin Taylor has matured a lot as well.

Coach Mark Stoops discussed very little about the debacle going on with 4-Star transfer from USC, EJ Price but he did go on to say that they as a coaching staff are trying to help him with both the ups and downs and that he’s been doing good but that he told Stoops that he was just tired. Stoops went on to say that leadership should not be an issue because it seems to be there and that they have a great group of guys that want the best for themselves. The entire coaching staff is eager to see where they’re at when it’s time to scrimmage, Stoops said.

I think we will definitely get to see all of the hard work these young men have been putting out when it comes to the Blue/White game here in about a month. From what I continue to hear it seems as though there is a lot of effort from these guys to come to practice each day and to get better and compete! I’m getting excited!

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