Who Will The Camera’s Catch This Year In The Crowd? Who Will Go Viral And Get Meme’d….Wait For It……..

Who remembers this kid? He was one of the first to go viral from the NCAA tournament last year. CBS caught the Northwestern fan freaking out over a a foul, Northwestern lossed that game to Gonzaga. CBS camera person, you are a savage for this one! (lol) after this kid was caught by cameras, it snowballed into gif’s, memes, it was everywhere, so who is next?

Ctrdit: NY Daily News

Lets take a look at CBS camera’s catching spectators, that go viral!

Villinova’s “piccolo girl” 2015

Credit: Pittsburgh Post- Gazette

The CBS camera crew’s are savages….man! I truely feel her pain. She went viral, meme’d, gif’d and everything else on the internet.

Credit: KMTV Omaha

Who remembers this kid?, he went viral…..he got into a stare down with ESPN cameras at the 2016 College World Series. Kid 1, ESPN 0.

There is always someone in the crowd that the camera’s are gonna capture, whether it be a happy moment or a sad one, just know, you could be the next spectator to go viral! Meme’d over and over, gif’d, and all over the internet.

SEC Tournament camera’s caught some, “Get pumped up” celebration, happy times with UK student and Band member, Hayden Hooper, I seen this when it happened, then moments later, all over FB and Twitter. Glad this was a happy. moment!

So who is gonna be this year’s viral sensation? Pay attention, cause you will most likely see it when it happens.

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