Cats Fall short in Cat-Lanta

Is was a crazy up and down roller coaster season for this young group of Kentucky Wildcats.

Tonight, they ran into a gritty and tough-nosed Kansas State team. Kansas State was able to jump out to a 13 to 1 lead,which allowed them to grab control from the onset in this one. Kentucky showed signs of life throughout, but Kansas State never allowed Kentucky to take full control.

Some things in sports are explainable, but what we have seen in the South region so far is any think but explainable. This is why we all love and enjoy this NCAA Tourney. It’s March and the Madness is alive and well.

Freethrow shooting and the perimeter jumper really reared its head for this young group tonight. You have to tip your cap to Kansas State. They made this one sloppy and sloppy is what they love.

It will be intresting to see who goes and stays in the upcoming weeks and months ahead.

I really enjoyed watching this team, even though it wasn’t pretty at times. It’s going be tough to get over this one, as it is never easy to watch a Kentucky Basketball season come to a end. It is crazy how a bunch of kids and a ball full of air can move our emotions so much, but that’s what makes being a Kentucky fan so damn great!!

I just want to say thanks to all you fans and readers out there, who read our pre- and post-game wrap ups throughout the year. I can not wait to do it again next season.

Goodnight BBN!


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