How You Know You’re The Greatest College Basketball Team in History: Look At The Hate


Kentucky loses in ugliest, (foul fest) Sweet 16 game to end the season, and other teams fanbases are happy as can be. Let the s#*t taking begin. Memes’, gifs’, roll out on social media when Kentucky loses.

They love to see the greatest team to ever do it, lose. Teams fanbases go the extra mile to say something negative about the Cats when they fall. Thats how you know you’re the greatest!!

We have seen alot of upsets this year in the NCAA tournament , even a #1 seed get knocked off by a #16 seed, and there was minimum talk, oh, it was talked about for a second, but when you are not the greatest, the s#*t talking only last for a second.

Credit: Pinterest

Those fanbases are so double standard, it’s pathetic, really. The first thing they usually say is, ” let’s hear the excuses” or it’s something about, “being young” then Coach Cal sucks, on and on it goes. It’s funny how everyone else has an excuse why they lost. I guess you can’t have an excuse when your the Greatest!? Huh? I guess in a game where there are 51 fouls called has nothing to do with it, huh. There is always an answer or “excuse” for an outcome of a game, fact. Even if the other team just out played you… is what it is.

Kentucky gets hated on, thats a fact, we welcome it, we know it comes with being the greatest. You other fanbases talk more about our Kentucky team than your own team,(lol) we understand.

With that being said:

HATE ON HATERS! #WERUK and we are basketball. (Period)

NOTE: if your team didn’t go to the NCAA TOURNAMENT, shhhhhh.

If your team got bouced early, shhhh

And if your team isn’t the WINNINGEST team in History, with 8 banners, shhhh.




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