The mourning after

This is definitely not the post that I want to be bringing you guys this morning but we’re here unfortunately. This is one of the hardest days for me and I know it is for many other Wildcat fans as well, the day after the Cats lose in the NCAA tournament. I don’t care if we lost in the first round or if it’s in the championship game, it always hurts deep to my core. I know the day after and even a week sometimes I feel kind of bummed out most days because I know it’s all over, but to be completely honest with you I even feel that way when we win it all because I know how much I’m going to watch these teams compete on a nightly basis!

With that being said, I try not to be selfish in a sense because if we sit back and think about it, how do you think the players feel right now? I couldn’t even begin to imagine. They have so much pressure on them to succeed and they gave it their all and unfortunately it was just a little bit short of what we needed. I also know that it’s easy to play the blame game and I’ve been there and done that, like last night I was complaining about the Free Throw performance by PJ, but this morning I thought to myself, “Janson, what if you had that much pressure on you? Would you do much better? Probably not.” These young men gave us that hope that ask for each and every year to even have a shot at the final four and a few things here and there kept us from that.

However you choose to grief for a couple of days please understand that sadness is normal when you care so much about a program as great as Kentucky Basketball, but let’s please try to refrain from putting blame on everyone whether that’s the players or the coaching staff. It’s easy to play that game when you’re not in their situation. Hey! we also made the sweet sixteen when in the middle of the year some fans were chanting NIT. Take the little victories every day friends!


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  1. I’m not blaming the freshman but they are freshman so in crunch time treat them like freshman and call time out with 18sec left in a tournament game. Give them a better chance to win the game. They’ve never been in that type of situation before but coach Cal has. So do your job and coach. Call time out and draw up a play.

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