3 Takeaways from Today’s Spring Practice

Today, I got the privilege of attending Kentucky’s football practice. Here are the three main takeaways I took from the action:

EJ Price is back and seems happy

Earlier this week, USC transfer EJ Price announced on Twitter that he’d be leaving the program. Yesterday, he announced he would be returning after receiving some help from Stoops and UK. The former four-star prospect was back in pads today and took part in the drills. I could see him cutting up with staff and teammates as well so he seems to be back on good terms with the program. This is the best possible outcome for both parties in this situation.

Gunnar Hoak looked good

Many are assuming Terry Wilson will be the starting quarterback when September 1st rolls around. Today, Gunnar Hoak looked like he was the man. In the scrimmage, he threw a dart over the middle that turned into a 60+ yard touchdown pass. Hoak was also a lot more mobile than I thought he would be. Overall, it looked like he had a solid day.

Chris Westry was impressive

After a great freshman season at Kentucky, Chris Westry has seemed to have fallen off a little bit. Lonnie Johnson overtook him at one point last year, which surprised a lot of people. In the scrimmage, Westry was all over the place, leaping for passes and even came up with the game-sealing interception for the blue team. He was very good today and I hope this is a snapshot of what he can be for the Cats this season.

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