Is It A Rule That You Root For The Underdog, If Your Team Isn’t Playing?

We all know that Kentucky’s season ended in the Sweet 16 this year, Not only BBN, but the World knows. It is the worst feeling for a Kentucky fan, it just means more to us Kentucky fans!


Fact is though, we love basketball and the tournament goes on. So who do we pull for? Do we want to see that Cinderella story play out? I think it’s a rule written down somewhere that we root for the underdog. (I think it’s written down, lol) So, that means in every game we pull for the lower seed, right? There are a couple games I’d like to see a tie, like Kansas and Duke. In this case, I’m pretty sure we are pulling for Kansas, thats a giving, no question about it. The rest of the games we root for the lower seed.



Loyola-Chicago beats Kansas State, Florida State beats Michigan , I’m mixed emotions on this one, so I’m fine either way. Texas Tech beats Villinova, and Kansas beats Puke. Is this how we want the Elite 8 to play out?


So, is it a rule that you root for the underdog if your team isn’t playing?? Im saying YES. LET’S GO LOYOLA-CHICAGO!! (LOL) Or do we just want Duke to lose? Or Both!!……….

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