Kentucky Couldn’t Get It Going, Ends Season At Sweet 16: Who’s Moving On?



(11 seed) Loyola-Chicago is the first team to advance to the Elite 8. Loyola-Chicago stayed patient, hit some big shots to stay in the game to defeat (7 seed) Nevada by 1 point, 69-68.

(3 seed) Michigan shot the lights out, hitting 13 3’s and gave (7 seed) Texas A&M a beatdown (beat the breaks off of Texas A&M) from start to finish, it was all Michigan going full speed and never looking back, defeating Texas A&M 99-72.

Ugliest first half I’ve seen this year. (5 seed) Kentucky came out cold as can be, couldn’t hit a shot, trailed the whole first half but only down by 4 points at the half. Fouls were an issue on both sides of the floor early. Second half wasnt any better. The Cats managed to tie the game, then go back down by 7, it went down to the wire, at the 8 minute mark Kentucky was down by 5…….then down by 2, with 5 minutes to go. Back and forth, back and forth…..(9 seed) Kansas State defeats Kentucky 61-58….this stings.

Credit: FB

(9 seed) Florida State upsets (4 seed) Gonzaga 75-60. It was a good game, then Florida St. rolled on, leaving Gonzaga behind, Florida State beats Gonzaga by 15 points.


(1 seed) Kansas led pretty much the whole game. (5 seed) Clemson made a late run in the 2nd half but there just wasn’t enough time left. Kansas wins by 4. Can Bill Self get passed elite 8? His past says no.

(1 seed) Villinova and (5 seed) West Virginia put on a show, Villinova showed why they are a great team, running away with a 90-78 win.

Alot of zone in the (2 seed) Duke and (11 seed) Syracuse match up. It was a close one all the way through, with Duke leading most of the way, it got really close in the last few minutes, but Duke pulls it out, 69-65

(3 seed) Texas Tech vs (2 seed) Purdue, was a great game, alot of great dunks by Tech…it got close, but Texas Tech closes it out, winning 78-65

These are the the teams that are going to the Elite 8: 2018

Loyola-Chicago, Kansas State, Michigan, Florida State, Kansas, Villinova, Puke, Texas Tech.

Hats off to all of these teams, you are Elite.

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