Should They Stay, Or Should They Go? Everyone Stays?!? New Recruiting Pitch, G-League Sucks


Now that Kentucky’s season has ended, everyone is wondering “who is staying and who will be declaring for the NBA draft?”.

There are a couple of “mock” drafts saying that as many as 4 players from this years Kentucky team could go in the first round of the NBA draft. It is always a big question, considering the talent that comes to Kentucky.

Credit: Sports Gaming Rosters

Let’s be honest, could one player from this year’s Kentucky team actually make a NBA’s team roster? To be honest, they should all return, just ask some former Kentucky players. Derek Willis said “G- League sucks”, with Patrick Patterson adding, “I would be utterly be thrilled if everyone of these kids came back to UK next year”. Why have these former players been saying that this year? There are several former Kentucky players speaking out about their time at Kentucky, how it was the best time of their lives and now, how playing in the G-League and overseas is not what they expected. They say how it’s no fun anymore. Is this the new pitch, to help persuade young players?

I would like to see all of these kids come back at least one more year, but at the end of the day, it’s what’s best for these kids and their families. I hope that they at least take time to listen to the former Kentucky players that have been there and done that.

My Prediction On Who Stays and Who Goes:

Credit: Ronald Martinez/ Getty Images

Kevin Knox, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Hamidou Diallo. These players are most likely to go. I’m hoping no one goes though, I hope everyone stays and continues learning the game to have better successful careers.

I hope this new “recruiting pitch” from former CATS experiences helps shed some light on making that big decision.

So who stays!? and who goes!? What do you think???


  1. Only one that is regular season contract worthy and ready is Knox. SGA and Hami are betting on their future type draft picks!!! My gut says they all return and next season they on a mission in honor of Calipari and us fans for support this yr!!! Hope im right. Could be an “All-Time” team if choose to stay!!!!

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  2. Happy days are here again some should stay but the money could change their family’s lives, and you can’t fault a child’s dreams of helping a an pa god bless them all big blue nation on your side one way or the other

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