No More Unibrow?

Anthony Davis
Tyler Kaufman/AP

If you had to take one look at Anthony Davis, the first thing you would prolly notice would be his insane height and his wingspan. But after that, you would probably notice his unibrow. It’s his most noticeable feature and he has even trademarked the phrase “Fear The Brow” and even picked up the nickname “The Brow” in recent years while playing in the NBA.

But could the end be near for AD’s eyebrow?

For most people when they wanna change something up, they get a haircut or get a new hairstyle. For Anthony Davis, he might just shave that trademark eyebrow.

Earlier today Davis took to his social media to ask everyone the simple question, “Should I shave my brow?”

Personally I think Davis should keep it, I believe its something that sets him apart when it comes to marketing and advertising, and to be honest, it just works for him. But as of now most fans seem to be split 50/50 on the debate.

But feel free to comment and tell us what you think of Anthony Davis should do?


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