Final Four Predictions from some of our well oiled machines and writers here at UK Fans All Day!!

Brandon Duckett: Villanova- 89 Kansas-79 – Says he sees the Jayhawk Mascot in his nightmares weekly. Big fan of Philly Cheesesteaks, All signs point to Nova.

Loyola-63 Kansas-61- It’s Easter Weekend and Sister Jean is Praying for Loyola. ENOUGH SAID!!

Janson Hoskins: Kansas-72 Villanova-68- Isn’t a fan of Jay Wright’s suit collection. So he went the Jayhawk route.

Michigan-65 Loyola-55- Says that John Beilein’s hair will carry the Wolverines to the title game

Melissa Head: Villanova-75 Kansas-73- She likes watching Jay Wright on the sideline in his high dollar suits!! Kansas never had a chance.

Loyola-70 Michigan-61- She’s not betting against the fighting Sister Jean’s

JR Simpson: Villanova-79 Kansas-71 He owns over 25 Jay Wright fat heads and even has a Jay Wright Bumper Sticker on his 1984 Bronco.

Michigan-71 Loyola-64- Once ate Breakfast with John Beilein, says it was a life changing experience. He is very sorry for picking against Sister Jean.

Braden Nevius: Villanova-84 Kansas-79- He never picks against Wildcats. He was once denied a high five from Bill Self, still not over it!!

Michigan-73 Loyola-67 – He picked Michigan because he is trying not to jinx the Ramblers. Yes folks he has that kinda power.

Hope you like are picks here at UK Fans All Day.

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