NCAA Basketball Championship Game is Set: Good Defense Against Great Offense

Final Four:

Credit: Westwood One Sports

Loyola-Chicago and Michigan were first to battle tonight in the Final Four. The number 11 seed Loyola-Chicago and the number 3 seed Michigan put on a great game, going back and forth, with Loyola-Chicago leading much of the game. Loyola-Chicago looked great and what they have done this year is nothing short of amazing. In the end, when the horn sounded, Michigan won by a score of 69-57. Michigan is on to the championship game Monday night.


Villinova vs. Kansas in game two of the night in the Final Four, a number 1 seed vs. a number 1 seed. From the start, it was all Villinova, as they shot the lights out and Kansas couldn’t find their way in the dark, so to speak. Villinova connected on 18/40 3 point shots (how do you beat that?) Kansas’ answer…. You don’t. Villinova won 95-79.

NCAA Championship Game:

Monday 9:20 p.m.

1 seed Villinova vs 3 seed Michigan


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