Football: 3 Notes from Today’s Spring Practice

Gran talks about offense needing to bounce back

In Kentucky’s first real scrimmage, the defense was king. Eddie Gran revisited that scrimmage today in his press conference and you can tell he was upset about the play of his unit. As you’ll see in the video below, discipline was one of the main issues.

Seven pre-snap penalties and two turnovers. Yikes.

Week 3 ATDP Teams

Kentucky’s social media has been doing a weekly “ATDP” team for the offense and defense. The “A” stands for attitude, the “T” stands for toughness, the “D” stands for discipline, and the “P” stands for pride. Here’s who made the teams this week


A-David Bouvier

T-Zach Johnson

D-Landon Young

P-Danny Clark


A-Quinton Bohanna

T-DeAndre Square

D-Kengera Daniel

P-Tobias Gilliam

Spring Game is just around the corner

We’re getting closer and closer to the spring football game! The game is less than two weeks away as we get ready to see the improvement of the team throughout spring practice. The fact that the defense has performed so well against the offense has me anxious to see if the offense will bounce back on April 13th at Kroger Field. I’m also looking forward to seeing the young guys who we heard about last year and who are going to play a role on the team this year. Some players that I want to keep an eye on are Yusef Corker, Tyrell Ajian, Cedrick Dort, Jordan Wright, and Nassir Watkins.

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