Football: Friday Scrimmage Recap

With snow expected to roll into Lexington tomorrow, Mark Stoops decided to move the weekly scrimmage up to today. Last week’s scrimmage saw the defense overpower the offense. From seven pre-snap penalties, to two turnovers, the offense just wasn’t clicking. Offensive coordinator Eddie Gran was very upset with the performance and wanted the offense to bounce back this week. Gran got his wish as it was the offense who impressed in today’s scrimmage.

One of the main reasons for the offense returning the favor was Benny Snell. Stoops held him out of last week’s scrimmage to see where the other running backs were at the moment. In his press conference, Mark Stoops said Snell makes a “huge difference” to the offense. This was evident as the offense came out with more urgency and execution than what was presented to the coaching staff last week. Benny Snell was quoted as saying the defense was “horrible” and that the offense scored every drive. If this is true, it gives me more confidence to what our offense can do when September 1st rolls around.

The offense and defense have now split who’s done the best in each scrimmage. The next time they will face off in a game situation is next Friday’s spring game. I hope to see good things from both sides and hopefully not one side dominates the other. While we all want to see the offense make some crazy plays and score a lot of points, we need to realize they are facing our defense who needs to succeed as well. You still have time to be at the spring game if you haven’t received your tickets already. Use the link below to get your tickets. They are free!

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