Kentucky vs South Carolina

Zack Haake with a 1-2-3 in the 1st inning to get us started

T2 | UK 0, SC 0

The pitchers dominated that inning, striking out five of the six batters to come to the plate.

A two-strike, two-out double by Hunter Taylor to the LCF gap eludes the glove of an outstretched Aklinski and scores a runner from 1B to give South Carolina a 1-0 lead.

B2 | SC 1, UK 0

T3 | SC 5, UK 0

Bride tags Haake for a three-run homer and we’re going to have to come from behind today.

T3 | SC 7, UK 0

Two-out walk leads to a two-run HR for Taylor, who doubled in the second inning.

Trey Dawson hits his first Big Blue Bomb for Kentucky putting the Cats on the board!

B3| SC 7, UK 1

South Carolina takes a 10-1 lead over Kentucky

B5| SC 10, UK 1

B6 | S. Carolina 12, UK 1

Rough day thus far. However, @Tsquires16 singled to LF in his last AB and has now reached base in 30 of 31 games, including 11 straight.

B8 | SC 15, UK 1

Gamecocks win 15-1

Cats fall 21-10 , and 4-7

Gamecocks go 18-13, and 5-6

We close up this match up tomorrow at 2 p.m. on ESPNU


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