Wenyen Gabriel to stay if not guaranteed a first round pick (UPDATE)

(Photo courtesy of Billy Hurst/USA Today)

According to Jerry Tipton, of the Lexington Herald-Leader, University of Kentucky sophomore Wenyen Gabriel may be staying at Kentucky. According to Tipton, Gabriel’s brother said that if Wenyen is not guaranteed a first round pick, he will return to the University of Kentucky. This is great news, as most of the mock drafts have Wenyen projected as a late second round pick, or completely undrafted. Wenyen drastically improved his play this season, developing a very consistent three point shot. Gabriel made seven out of seven attempts against Alabama in the semifinal game of the SEC Tournament. This set an SEC Tournament record for three point attempts without a miss. Gabriel would be a huge addition to an already loaded 2018-19 roster.

UPDATE: Wenyen Gabriel himself took to Twitter to say these reports are false. Stay tuned to UK Fans All Day to see how his decision plays out.

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