Spring Game: What we want to see

(image courtesy of UK Athletics)

We have made it to spring game day! The annual event will kickoff tonight at 6:30 pm EST. To get you ready for the game, I asked some of our writers what they want to see in tonight’s scrimmage. Here is what they had to say:

Braden Nevius

Quarterbacks: The quarterback competition is wide open this year. We have heard good things about all three of the candidates, but none of them have set themselves apart from the competition up to this point. In tonight’s scrimmage, I would like to see one of them “take the bull by the horns”, and shine under the lights. Whether it be Clark, Hoak, or Wilson, I want to see who the alpha dog is.

Young guys: Every year there is a couple of young guys who stand out in the spring game. Last year it was Clevan Thomas and Gunnar Hoak. I want to see another freshman or sophomore take this opportunity and shine. Some people I will be looking out for are DeAndre Square, Tyrell Ajian, Terry Wilson, and Nassir Watkins just to name a few.

No injuries: The worst possible thing that could happen tonight is a major injury. This is not something anyone can control but let’s hope nobody gets seriously hurt.

Rob Taylor

Quarterbacks: “Will it be Gunner Hoak, Terry Wilson, or Danny Clark that looks the best. Word out of camp is Clark is closing in on the other two, but when the lights come on will it look that way.”

Defensive Line: “This has been a weakness the past few years, and I want to see if the returning players can take a step forward. To win in the SEC you have to stop the run, that starts with our D-Line.”

Lynn Bowden: “I want to see him take that step to not only be the explosive player we had flashes of last year, but to step up as a leader of the position group.”

J.R. Simpson

Quarterbacks: “I want a QB to emerge and be the obvious starter”.

Defense: “I want a stout defense, particularly from MLB.”

Running backs: “We need better production from the backup running backs.”

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