Quick Wildcats Playoff Recap 4/17/2018

Wildcats Playoffs

With so many Wildcats in the NBA, it can often be hard to keep up with everyone during the playoffs. Lucky for you here at UK Fans All Day, we have got the recap for you.

Wizards vs Raptors

The Wizards and John Wall once again found themselves in Toronto, to play the number one seed Raptors, and once again find themselves with another loss. The Wizards now find themselves down 0-2 in the series, but luckily for them, the next two games are in Washington. So hopefully they can win the next two and tie the series at 2-2.

John Wall had a less than impressive Game One against the Raptors, but the former Wildcat did what he always does, bounce back. Wall finished the game with a team high 29 points, to go along with 9 assists, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough, as the team fell 130-119. Let’s just hope Wall and the Wizards can turn things around.

Bucks vs Celtics

Much like the Wizards and John Wall, Bledsoe and the Bucks find themselves down 0-2, as well, to the Boston Celtics. For Eric Bledsoe, the series could not have went any worse for the former Cat, so far. He’s played mediocre at best, and is getting embarrassed by former Louisville Cardinal, Terry Rozier, on the national stage.

Last night, he scored a decent 12 points, to go along with 7 rebounds and 4 assists. However, on the defensive side of the ball is where he seems to be the biggest liability. Although I will give him a little of a pass so far, seeing that this is his first playoff series where he is a starter and just hasn’t seemed to shake the jitters yet. Hopefully young Bledsoe can turn things around when the series heads to Milwaukee.

On another sad note, Bledsoe was asked about Terry Rozier after the game, and Bledsoe responded like only he could, with a simply stated “I don’t even know who the F*** that is”, which isn’t the best response when someone you don’t know is dominating you on the court.

Inside The NBA’s Charles Barkley commented after the game and said “I love you Eric, but he’s the guy who is whooping your a**”.

Pelicans vs Blazers

On a rather positive note, the New Orleans Pelicans are killing it against the Blazers. As they yet again won another game in Portland, to go up 2-0 in the series, with the next two games being in New Orleans. Could a potential sweep be in the works for the Pelicans? If the series continues to go down this path then it seems is very likely.

The duo of Anthony Davis and Rajon Rondo may be the best duo in the entire playoffs right now. Their PNR offense is seemingly unstoppable against this Blazers defense and their own defense on the other side of the ball is top tier.

Rondo has officially entered Playoff Rondo mode and there is no turning back at this point. He is potentially flirting with a triple double every night, and controlling the game at every single aspect.  Rondo is even starting to see his three point ball drop, and he even hit a dagger in the final moments last night.

Former Cat Darius Miller even got into the action last night, coming off the bench to give the Pelicans a crucial eight points and successful converting on 2 of 2 three point field goal attempts.

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