Jonny David Post Hilarious Video Regarding His Future With Team

Chet White/UK Athletics


For the most part, walk-ons and bench players don’t get a lot of respect. But here at Kentucky we love them anyways, especially when his name is Jonny David.

In a recent video that he posted to his twitter, he addresses the Big Blue Nation and thanks the coaching staff for helping improve his game. As well as letting us know that the NBA scouts really noticed his five point game against Texas A&M this year. Maybe if Cal would’ve kept him in longer, he perhaps could’ve dropped about eighty points against the Aggies that day.

He then cuts straight to the chase, and announces that he’s going to CATSPYS. I was worried at first, and thought he might make the leap to the NBA. I’m sure there is a mock draft out there somewhere that has him and DeAndre Ayton going picks number one and two.

It’s a hilarious that everyone should check out.


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