Kentucky Commit Immanuel Quickley Skips Senior Skip Day

Immanuel Quickley
(Photo: Adidas)


Bueller, Bueller, Bueller………….

For a lot of people, myself included, it was always extremely easy to get lazy during your senior year of high school. We were all just ready for graduation to get here so we could all start the next stage of our lives. All while trying not to get “senioritis” so our grades wouldn’t slip.

I can assure you that Kentucky commit Immanuel Quickley is not like Ferris Bueller and he is not one of those students who got infected with “senioritis”.

Earlier on his Instagram story, Immanuel posted a boomerang of him in an empty classroom with the caption “Senior skip day, ya boy here doe” . Although not huge news,  that simple Instagram post honestly excites me to get this kid on campus even more now.

Quickley instagram
Instagram (@immanuelquickley__)


Quickley is probably by far the most popular kid in his school, but to still take the responsibility to come to school even on Senior Skip Day shows a lot about this kids character and how humble he is. I personally cannot wait to see what kind of impact this kid will make in the community of Lexington once he gets here. He will be a fan favorite I’m sure.


For all updates on Kentucky basketball recruits be sure to follow is on Twitter @ukfansallday


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