Stephen A. Smith Calls Kevin Durant vs Anthony Davis “must-see television”

KD and Anthony Davis
(Getty Images)


Now with the New Orleans Pelicans and the Golden State Warriors finally putting away their first round match-ups, we can finally look ahead to round number two.

An already interesting match-up on paper. But with Golden State head coach Steve Kerr recently stating that Steph Curry isn’t coming back anytime soon from injury, it could make for quite a fascinating series.

The whole dynamic of Pelicans vs Warriors is interesting in its own right, but earlier on ESPN’s First Take host Stephen A. Smith highlighted out a particular match-up that he calls ‘Must-See TV”.

Stephen A. Smith claimed that former league MVP Kevin Durant vs Anthony Davis, is the match up that everyone should have their eyes on. He also predicted that the former Wildcat would average 30ppg in this upcoming series against the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors.

Co-host Max Kellerman also chimed in, and said in his opinion he thinks that Anthony Davis is better than Kevin Durant right now. Although I personally wouldn’t go that right now, its great to see a former Wildcat get some love from the national media.


If you’re interested in watching this series, Game 1 will start on Saturday on TNT. The start time has yet to be determined.


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  1. I do believe AD is playing at a higher level than Durant, and is also a more versatile player. Just look at the numbers, they dont lie. Can’t wait for this series! Could put the Pelicans in a great position with Curry out. #ADRULES!

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