Former University of Louisville Athletic Department staffer suing the university

(Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports)

There is never a dull moment in the University of Louisville Athletic Department. According to Louisville television station WDRB, former University of Louisville associate athletic director Kimberly Maffet is suing the university for firing her. Ms. Madder claims that she was fired due to health issues and reporting wrongful conduct, which included a university coach having an affair with a fellow employee. The coach in question is not named in the lawsuit, listed in the lawsuit as “Coach 3″. Maffet claims that her reporting of the relationship is part of the reason she was let go earlier back in February.

Ms. Maffet also reported that a different university coach verbally abused employees. That behavior was not only typical, according to Ms. Maffet, but was continuously covered up by the athletic department. Ms. Maffet claims that her attempts to report the violations were rebuffed and that other employees attempted to hide the information. Maffet described the athletics department as having a “culture of misogynism, sexism, lying, cover-up, and bullying in the Athletic Department,” according to the lawsuit.

It will be interesting to see how the lawsuit plays out, considering the events of the last few years within the Louisville Athletic Department. From Rick Pitino’s dalliances in Italian restaurants to coach-sponsored hookers, the University of Louisville has become the butt of national jokes about compliance and oversight. The athletic department continues to make mind boggling decisions, as well, such as firing David Padgett after he missed the NCAA Tournament. Among the other firings involved in the scandals at Louisville were for Athletic Director Tom Jurich and ex-president James Ramsey. Stay tuned for the next episode of the drama.

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