Cats vs Tigers 3

Missouri gets it started with a 1-0 lead. Kentucky ties it up and then takes a 4-1 lead over Missouri.

Through 3 innings all 9 Kentucky starters have reached base safely.

T4 |Kentucky 5 Missouri 1

Trey Harris hits a two-run home run in the 5th, stomps on home plate and glares at UK dugout.

If you’re keep score at home that’s a Harris HR and stomp on Saturday, Heyer HR and stomp today, Harris HR and stomp today. ( @UKBaseball)

T5 | UK 6, Mizzou 3

T7 | UK 6, Mizzou 5

Cats have not been able to solve Mizzou reliever Nile Ball in this series. He’s pitch 5.0 scoreless innings (3.0 today). (@UKBaseball)

A bases loaded infield hit with two outs has tied the game. Tigers have come all the way back from 6-1 down.

Grand slam! Mizzou with a 10-6 lead

Grand Slam Kentucky!!!!! Cats take the lead back

UK 11, UM 10 B8

Victory Kentucky!!!!!!

Final| UK 11, UM 10

Kentucky goes 29-15, 17-8, and 10-11

Mizzou falls 29-16, 8-9, and 10-12.

Kentucky wins the series 2-1.

Kentucky goes to Tennessee starting May 4th.


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