Football: Two more Wildcats getting NFL opportunities

(top image courtesy of Kieth Taylor; bottom image courtesy of @RealKyleMeadows)

Even though Kentucky didn’t have a player drafted, former Cats are getting their opportunities at making NFL rosters. Jeff Badet and Garret Johnson signed contracts, while Charles Walker, Courtney Love, and Austin Macginnis have received mini-camp invitations in hopes of earning a contract. We are learning that two more former Wildcats will be getting their shot, as well.

Kayaune Ross has received an invitation to the Indianapolis Colts’ rookie mini-camp. The 6’6 wide receiver had an up and down career at Kentucky. He showed lots of promise in last year’s spring game before having a fairly quiet season. Ross had a very impressive bowl game last season, showing he has NFL promise. If developed correctly, he can be a redzone threat for years to come.

Kyle Meadows has signed an UDFA deal with the Green Bay Packers. Meadows had a very productive career and was a part of Kentucky’s best O-Line in years in 2016 and a very good O-Line in 2017. He signed a contract with the Packers, meaning he is more likely to make the roster than the guys who have to attend camps to compete for a contract. Green Bay’s running game and protection for Aaron Rodgers has been lackluster and they are in need of talented lineman. The fact that they gave him a contract shows that they see promise in the former Cat.

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