Cats vs Vols 2

Kentucky gets it started in the Top of the 1st inning taking the lead 1-0.

It takes Tennesse 4 inning to finally get on the board as we are tied up in the bottom of the 5th at 1-1.

We’ve got ejections here in Knoxville.

1B ump calls second balk on UT pitcher; 3B ump comes all the way across the field to argue with coach in UT dugout. The UT head coach then ejected too. (@UKBaseball)

Kentucky gets a 3 run Big Blue Bomb giving them a 4-1 lead.

Tennessee gets two runs in the bottom of the 6th making it 4-3 Kentucky.

Troy Squires scores a run and Luke Heyer runs in Tristan Pompey to make it a 6-3 for the Cats.

Troy Squires blasts a no doubt, three run Big Blue Bomb. 10-3 Kentucky lead.

Victory Kentucky!!!!!!

Final | UK 10, UT 3

Kentucky goes 30-16, 9-8, and 11-12

Tennessee falls 26-23, 19-13, and 9-14.

Cats and Vols wrap up the series tomorrow at 1.


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