Doron Lamb Wants You To Text Him

(Ronald Martinez/Getty Images North America)


Nowadays when we are bored, we often pick up our phones and scroll on social media and see what are friends are up to, or even send a text to catch up with someone. But usually we only text people that we know. Because we often only like to have conversation with someone when we know who is behind the phone.

Doron Lamb is apparently not one of those people.

Earlier today Doron took to Twitter to express his boredom, in a way only Doron could do. He tweeted out his phone number with the clear instructions to text him, simply because he’s bored. I pray I’m never THIS bored.


Personally I am very strict about who I give my number to, and would never tweet my number out. Especially if I had 150,000 followers like Mr. Lamb. But hey, more power to you Doron.


For all updates on Doron Lamb’s phone number be sure to follow us on Twitter @ukfansallday


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