Kentucky vs. Indiana

Luke Heyer smokes a two-out RBI double over the CF’s head to score Tristian Pompey, who had singled to leadoff the game.

T1 | UK 1, IU 0

Kentucky keeps Indiana from getting on the board.

We are in the Top of the 4th. Kentucky player, Luke Heyer and Benjamin Aklinski score 3 points bringing the the score 4-0 Kentucky.

Indiana finally gets on the board in the 5th inning

Kentucky 4, Indiana 2

Luke Heyer scores a 2 run Big Blue Bomb bringing the score 6-2

Indiana hits 3 runs catching up to Kentucky in the bottom of the 6th inning. Score is 6-5.

Big Blue Bomb by Tristian Pompey puts Cats up by 2.

Victory Kentucky!!!!!!

#17 UK 7, #19 IU 6

Cats go 31-17 overall and 12-13 away

Hoosiers fall 31-14 overall and 18-5 at home.

Cats head back home to close out their last 3 games at Cliff Hagan Stadium!


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