Tyrese Maxey is a Kentucky Wildcat

Doug McSchooler

John Calipari has been on top of recruiting lately, and winning at it.

Maxey is now the third member to commit in the Class of 2019 behind DJ Jeffries and Ashton Hagans. Many still think Hagans could reclassify and possibly Maxey. Maxey has stated he will stay in 2019 and it looks to be the start of a great class. Calipari has now taken both the No. 1 and No. 2 Point Guards in the Class.

One line from his USA blog will convince you enough that it was meant for him to be Wildcat. Full blog here.

“I know everyone wants to know why I chose Kentucky; well to that I’ve got a question too: Why not?”

What sets Maxey apart from a lot of Cal’s point guards is that he’s a pretty great shooter which not always has been the case.

His size and length are two outstanding features along with his quickness and ability to finish at the rim. Sound familiar? Maxey reminds me a whole lot of De’Aaron Fox and Tyler Ulis. For 17 years old he is well beyond where he should be with his skills.

He has a very polished three-point shot that many Calipari point guards don’t come in with and can spot up and shoot them from anywhere. This also helps him attack the rim and blow by defenders. On top of all of that, his basketball IQ is very very high and he’s able to see a play before it’s made and react quickly.

Maxey can be a threat for Kentucky in 2018 from the shooting stand point or he can stay in 2019 and run his own team. Regardless, he’s a Wildcat. If he stays in 2019, I think he goes down as one of the greatest Calipari point guards to come through Kentucky. Sharpie that.

Either way, he’s a guy to keep your eye on because if you don’t you’ll miss an exceptional play if you even blink.

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