Check Out UK Target James Wiseman Custom Rick and Morty Sneakers

James Wiseman
USA Basketball


There is  few sports out there where your shoes are as important as they are in basketball.

Since basketball was invented sneakers have been a huge part of the game. From Chuck Taylor’s, to Jordan’s, to Reeboks, to Nikes. Shoes have always had a huge impact.

But nowadays players can take their shoe game to another level with the ability to customize their own sneakers. Look no further than UK target James Wiseman to see how far you can really take your customization with his very own Rick and Morty sneakers.

Rick and Morty is a popular science fiction cartoon, largely aimed at teenagers and adults that appears on Adult Swim. It’s known for it’s often crude humor and wacky plotlines, but has been known to bring a good laugh and has been a quite the sensation as of lately.

Wiseman takes his black PG 1’s and has the two faces of Rick and Morty on the front for quite the interesting design.


James Wiseman is currently ranked the number one player in the 2019 class, and all I have to say is, its got to be the shoes. Hopefully we can see Rick and Morty in Rupp Arena come 2019.


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