Cats vs. Bulldogs Game 1

Bulldogs get it started with a 2- 0 lead in the bottom of the 1st inning.

Cats get on the board thanks to Trisitan Pompey.

Bulldogs score two more runs lead is 4-1 Bulldogs.

Pompey runs in Aklinski and Dawson for a 3 run for Kentucky. Cats are back in it! 4-3 Bulldogs.

Trey Dawson lines a 3-2 pitch into LCF gap to tie the game! Bases still loaded, 0 outs.

Tristian Pompey second double, this time into LF corner to score two and give us the lead!!

Kole Cotton drives another ball deep to OF, this time getting SAC fly to LF to score Trey Dawson.

Cats up take the lead 7-4

Bulldogs score in the 5th 7-5

Luke Heyer scores it’s a 3 point lead for the Cats 9-6.

Victory Kentucky!!!!!

Final | UK 9, MSU 6

Cats get their 32nd win of the season. They go 32-17, 18-8, and 12-13.

Bulldogs fall 26-23, 7-14, and 11-14.

They are back at it tomorrow at 5 p.m.


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