Mother’s Day Edition: Bam Adebayo’s mother is the reason he is who he is today

Kevin Graves

Today is a day to celebrate mothers, so what better way to do it than feature some of their stories. Don’t miss Bam’s Instagram video to his mother today.

The single-wide trailer in North Carolina with green panneling only to be found if people tell you exactly where it is. This is where former Kentucky Forward, now Miami Heat’s Bam Adebayo hails from.

Marilyn Blount walked to her job as a cashier everyday to support her son. The bills were paid even though she’d come home tired everyday.

@Bam1of1 on Instagram

In June Adebayo moved to Kentucky and his AAU coach brought him a framed photo of that trailer with these words written below it “Never forget where you came from, and never lose sight of where you are going.” From that day on, Marilyn and her son would be set for life because Adebayo had made it.

The next year Bam was selected 14th overal to the Miami Heat. Watch the journey below..

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