Cats vs. Dores 1

B1 | Vandy 1, UK 0

Leadoff walk, stolen base and double into RF corner has Vandy on the board quickly tonight.(@UKBaseball)

Cats are still scoreless in the bottom of the 3rd.

B5 | Vandy 2, UK 0

Top two in Commodores’ order do it again. Leadoff single for Martin, scores on Clarke’s second double of night.

Dores score two more bringing it to a 4-0 lead over Kentucky.

Cats can not seem to get on the board as they are still scoreless Top of the 7th.

Dores score a two home run bringing the score 6-0 Top of the 8th.

Tristian Pompey puts the Cats on the board it’s 6-1.

Dores score two more. 8-1 Dores

Final Vandy 8, UK 1

Cats fall 34-19 overall and 13-15 in SEC.

Dores go 29-24 overall and 14-14 in SEC.

Back at again tomorrow night at 7:30 p.m.


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