Boogie Pulls Some Inspiration From Dominique Wilkins

Boogie achilles
(Gerald Herbert/Associated Press)


When Demarcus Cousins got injured in late January during the final seconds of a Rockets game, many of us in the Big Blue Nation were generally bummed out about the whole situation.

Boogie was playing the best basketball of his entire career, and the Pelicans were destined to go the playoffs. Which would mark the first time in his NBA career that Boogie would finally get to play in the post season.

But as we all know, life isn’t always fair. As Boogie was chasing down an offensive rebound late in the game he tore his left Achilles’ tendon and his season was immediately over.

It was an all time blow to the former Kentucky Wildcat. He was just about to play in his first post season, the Pelicans were finally starting to play their best basketball, and it was a contract year for the twenty-seven year old center. Which would surely effect his financial future in the following years.

For most NBA GM’s, it really is a concern when a player tears his Achilles tendon. For the most part, players just aren’t the same after the injury and it really makes them wonder how much you can build around a player and how much he can contribute in the following years after an injury of that magnitude.

For DeMarcus Cousins, he seems to be drawing inspiration from a former NBA player who had the same injury and who returned back better than ever, Dominique Wilkins.

Wilkins infamously tore his Achilles tendon during a game with the Philadelphia 76ers in 1992. In a season in which Wilkins was having one of his best of his career averaging 28.1 points and 7 rebounds a game. Many thought it might be the end for Dominique, seeing how he was thirty-two at the time and its not usually an injury that most come back from.

But after missing the last 40 games of the 91-92 NBA season and the first 11 games of 92-93 NBA season, Dominique returned to show that you can overcome such an injury when he averaged nearly THIRTY points in his comeback season.

So the real question is, will we see a magnificent comeback from Boogie? Or will he never be the same? It’s all apart of the resurgence.


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