UK Men’s Golf takes on the NCAA tournament.

The University of Kentucky Men’s Golf team begins the chase for a NCAA Championship this Friday at Karsten Creek Golf Course in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Their lineup will include Lukas Euler (Junior), Cooper Musselman (Senior), Tyler “Chip” McDaniel (Senior) from Clay County, Kentucky, Mac Mehles (Freshman), Fred Allen Meyer (Junior), and Matt Liston (Sophomore). UK Men’s Golf Coach, Brian Craig, says that this course will be a challenge for the Wildcats but that they’re up for the challenge and that the course suits their style of play. A lot of times us as Kentucky fans bypass teams like the Golf team but I think it is so important to give credit when it is due and this team definitely deserves it! Make sure to watch them because they will be on national television on the NBC Golf channel May 25th – 30th. Hopefully these experienced Wildcats can bring home the ship only time will tell! All in all it’s been a good season and anything from here on out is icing on the cake! Go Cats!

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