Memorial Day

I know this is a UK fan page but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to write about a national holiday that we observe. Memorial Day.

This day is to remember and honor the fallen soldiers who have given their life to protect our country and freedom. Not to confuse you with Armed Forces Day or Veteran’s Day.

Armed Forces Day: Third Saturday in May. To honor those who are currently serving.

Memorial Day: Fourth Monday in May. To honor those who have fallen, paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Veteran’s Day: 11th day of November. To honor those who have served.

I’m sure you’re asking why is she writing about the holidays that pertained to the military?

I come from a military family. My father served in the Army National Guard/ Reserves for 25 or 27 years. One tour in Iraq. Both my late grandfathers served one in the Army, one in the Marine Corps. My uncle served in the Air Force. Several others have or are serving as well.

I’m so proud of these men and women that have or are serving their country.

Thank you to those who have served and never made it home. We keep your families in our prayers.

Thank you and God Bless!


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