Happy 226th Birthday Kentucky!!!!

Our great state of Kentucky was granted statehood, June 1, 1792…or 226 years ago! It was the first U.S. state west of the Appalachian Mountains. Daniel Boone was one of Kentucky’s prominent explorers and many immigrants followed the trail he blades through the Cumberland Gap. Here are some facts about Kentucky:

  1. Kentucky is a major U.S. coal producer.
  2. It’s home to Fort Knox and Fort Campbell, military bases
  3. Home of the Kentucky Derby
  4. Known for Bluegrass Music, pioneered by Bill Monroe
  5. It is 40, 411 square miles
  6. Our State tree, the tulip poplar
  7. Our State flower, Goldenrod
  8. Our State bird, Cardinal
  9. Happy Birthday to you melody was created by two sisters, Mildred and Patty Hill in 1893. In 1924, Robert Coleman first published the ” Happy Birthday to You ” lyrics along with the tune. It is now one of the most popular songs in the English language.
  10. The United States Bullion Depository in Fort Knox contains the largest gold reserve in the world.
  11. Home to the greatest college basketball teams fan base in the nation, the Kentucky Wildcats.
  12. Although he is more closely associated with Illinois, Abraham Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, KY.

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