Watch A Couple Baseball Games While You Wait for Next Season: The Sports Doctor’s Orders

Credit: reaction GIFS

We are at that weird time of year where football and basketball fans just don’t know what to do with themselves. The countdown has begun and at this point the sports doctor’s orders are to take two baseball games and call at the end of August if the problem persists. I have a feeling that we all will be feeling a lot better by then.

Credit: YouTube

Thus far I have seen a great horse win the Triple Crown, watched softball, saw Joey Chestnut eat 74 hot dogs for the World record. I witnessed cornhole on ESPN, still don’t know who won that Championship. I watched the NFL and NBA draft. I have been in numerous conversations about Lebron James losing another final (LOL). And I have watched NBA players get traded to different teams and Kentucky players (Devin Booker) sign huge contracts.


I even listened to “Sandra’s Rose” by Drake, you know, the song he referenced Louisville, great song by the way. Although these things are all great, nothing fills the void of Kentucky Wildcat Football and Basketball.A great friend of mine, the Sports Doctor (LOL) as he refers to himself as, told me, “Take in a couple baseball games”. Then, the end of August will be here before you know it. Yeah, I guess. Still counting the days. Hang in there BBN, we’re getting close!54 Days until Kentucky Football opener against Central Michigan.95 Days until Big Blue Madness110 Days until Basketball season opener with DukeThere are several events in between these dates as well. UK Football and Soccer fan days in August, Big Blue Madness campout at the end of September, The annual Basketball trip to the Bahama’s in August, and many more. So, hang in there BBN, watch a couple baseball games until then and I will see you guys at the end of August!Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to follow @Ukfansallday on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to keep up with everything Kentucky related. Have a great day and Go Cats!


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