Louisville is Removing the “Papa John’s” from the Cardinal Stadium after Racial Slur

Credit to Washington Examiner.

The University of Louisville announced Friday it is changing the name of Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, two days after news broke that John Schnatter, the company’s founder, used a highly offensive racial slur.

Louisville president Neeli Bendapudi said the University would be called Cardinal Stadium, effective immediately.

On Wednesday, Schnatter apologized for using the N-word after Forbes reported he said it during a conference call in May. That day, he resigned as chairman of the company he founded, as well as from the Louisville board of trustees.

Contractually, the right to change the name of the stadium belongs to Schnatter himself, the Courier Journal reported Thursday. Bendapudi said Thursday that university officials would evaluate the naming arrangement.

“Anytime that your University is mentioned in less than glowing terms, as the President of the University, it’s disappointing.” Bendapudi said Thursday. “… I am sure that he will say that he is sorry that he has hurt so many people, including – I know – students that he cares a great deal about.”

A growing chorus of criticism followed Schnatter’s admission and apology, including tweets from the accounts of football players Jaylen Smith and Seth Dawkins calling for the football stadium to be renamed. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Friday that he’d “absolutely” remove the Papa John’s name if he had the power to do it.

The new stadium will be called Cardinal Stadium, and is not looking for a sponsor for the Stadium at the time.

The University of Kentucky has also cut ties with John Schnatter, per report.

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