Former Kentucky High School Football Standout Continues to Throw Shade

Damien Harris was a man amongst boys at Madison Southern as you can see in the highlight video below.

Whenever a kid gets the chance to go to a power program like Alabama in football or Kentucky in basketball, they should jump on that opportunity. That’s exactly what Harris did on January 9th, 2015. All of BBN was hopeful that he’d end up in the Blue and White and the majority of the fan base understood that he was making what he felt like was the best decision for his career. Most rational fans were ready to cheer for Harris to do well for the Tide (as long as it didn’t come at Kentucky’s expense). Then Damien started throwing some shade. Back in December during his Freshman season at Alabama, Harris thought it would be a great idea to take a jab at his home state’s football program by posting this picture.

damien harris

I wrote a little post about how I thought he was better than that saying he shouldn’t kick Kentucky while we are down. Well not long after Harris decided against coming to Kentucky, Mark Stoops landed what may become his biggest commitment ever in Benny Snell (February 23, 2015). Benny would enroll at Kentucky for the 2016 season and start his campaign to be the best running back in Kentucky history. He set records for most categories for freshman running back at Kentucky and continued his impressive performances throughout his sophomore season. Needless to say, but, Kentucky is no longer “down”. Benny Snell is on a mission to prove he is the best running back in the nation and Harris seems to be on a mission to make Kentucky fans loathe him.

As you can see, he has continued to take jabs at Kentucky and BBN is not going to forget about it. Anybody that bleeds blue knows that Duke is the enemy and now Harris may find himself in the same position. This is a friendly rivalry, meaning I want Harris to be very successful, just not as successful as our boys in blue, including Benny Snell. 2018 will be Harris’ last year at Alabama and could be Snell’s last year at Kentucky. Snell leads Harris statistically in yards per game, total yards, and total touchdowns. I for one am glad that we got our guy and wouldn’t trade him for another player in the country!


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