The Ultimate Honor: Retired Jersey, Who’s Next?

Credit: Wikipedia

The ultimate honor for a Kentucky Wildcat basketball player is to have their jersey retired. Retiring a jersey is a great honor and is recognition of contributions to the University of Kentucky’s basketball program. Not only have 38 former players jerseys been retired, but some of Kentucky’s great contributors aswell.


Adolph Rupp (Coach 1931-1972), Cawood Ledford (The Voice of the Wildcats 1953-1992), Bill Keightley (Mr.Wildcat 1962-2008), Joe B. Hall (Coach 1973-1985) Rick Pitino (Coach 1990-1997). ( ——————————-)

That blank spot that I left in the names above is for John Calipari. I would think that everything he has done for the University of Kentucky, his (Coach) Jersey will be keeping the others company in the rafters at Rupp Arena after he is long gone. (In which, I hope is a very long, long time from now).


So……who will be the next player to retire a Jersey? With star players leaving early to the NBA, it is hard to say. Are there players from the past 10 years worthy of this honor? Of course they are worthy, but did they contribute enough in the little time they were at Kentucky to have their jersey retired. Which of those players would you consider for this honor?

Retiring a jersey doesn’t mean that jersey is no longer in use, It simply is honoring the player who wore it. The number stays active. Does this make it easier to pick a “one and done” for this honor?

Who will be the next Kentucky Wildcat basketball player to receive this great honor?

Lets talk about it!


  1. I personally think it should be Darius Miller, some might wonder why? I believe because he stayed at UK four years, a big help in winning a national title and getting his degree. He might not have been as talented as some, but he contributed tons his 4 years.

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