Re-do Button: Which Kentucky Game Would You Hit The Re-do Button On?

Have you ever wondered, or just simply thought something didn’t go your way and you wished that you could re-do it? I think the larger percentage of us do.

Thinking back over the years in Kentucky sports, there have been some really great moments, but there have also been those times that we wished didn’t happen. I think I know what is running through BBN’s mind right now.

If you could hit the re-do button on one game, and only one game in Kentucky sports history, which game would that be? Is everyone thinking 1992? That was the first game that popped into my head when I contemplated this question. Is there a football game that you would hit that re-do button on?

I’ve thought about all the games that have been heart breaking to me, football and basketball and I have my pick on which game I would hit that re-do button on. (Basketball game) Kentucky ends season at 38-1, I want to re-do that Wisconsin game, yes that is my choice.

What about you BBN? Which Kentucky Sports game would you hit that re-do button on? Think about it, you only get one pick.

Some of the games, and other things that ran through my mind:

Christian Laettner catch and shoot from free throw line to beat Kentucky, 1992.

38-1, Loss to Wisconsin, 2014/15

Loss to Arizona in title game, 1997

Uconn Final Four, 2011

Letting Bear Bryant leave Kentucky.(lol) really.

Those are some of the heartbreaking games for myself. One thing is for sure, I know opposing teams are more heartbroke than we are when they think back! #BBN4LIFE


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