Kentucky Sports Quiz: Bet You Can’t Answer These Ten Questions


I have put together ten Kentucky sports questions to see who can answer them all without the help of Google, Alexa, or Siri. If you can answer all ten (without help) then you have one hell of a memory and you are the ultimate Kentucky fan! Not saying you aren’t a great fan, but this would put you on the ultimate Kentucky fans list. (lol)

1. Who was the very first person to have their Jersey hung in the rafters at Rupp Arena?

2. Who is the all-time scorer for Kentucky Basketball?

3. Who is the all-time scorer for Kentucky football?

4. Who was the first coach in basketball, at Kentucky?

5. How many years did Paul “Bear” Bryant coach Kentucky football?

6. How many losses has John Calipari taken on home court at Kentucky?

7. In John Calipari’s book, Success Is The Only Option, Walt Bettinger talks about being in college and taking an exam. He failed the exam, because he didn’t know the only question asked for the exam. What is the name of the woman who cleans the building. So, that is what I am asking you, what was the woman’s name who cleaned the building? (lol) let’s see who the readers are.

8. What was Cawood Ledford’s famous greeting?

9. What was Bill Keightley’s nick name other than, Mr. Wildcat?

10. Who is the all-time freshmen scorer for Kentucky basketball?

Bet no one can answer all 10 of these questions, I knew 7 of these questions. However, I did do my homework to make sure I was correct, and to learn the other 3 I didn’t know.

The answers will be announced on UK Fans All Day Podcast next Saturday, August 4th. at 9 am. Remember, no help from Google, Alexa, or Siri.


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